Fish tanks

Recently my oldest daughter started her fish-keeping hobby. She now has a fish tank of her own in her bedroom. As her enthusiasm increased, she decided to undertake the extreme overhaul of the two tanks I have in the living and dining room, which had become overwhelmed by all kinds of algae.

I have to say that this entails a lot of hard work and a lot of time. In fact, once my daughter’s exams had completed, she had started the cleaning process. Now after all the effort, it has finally made the two tanks a whole lot cleaner and more presentable.

So here are the three photos of the fish tanks after all her hard work.

Below is the fish tank that she setup about a month ago. I am amazed that she has made it a routine to clean this every week and look after her fishes with such dedication.

My daughter’s fish tank

The living room tank is much larger measuring 4′ in length. This tank up until about two weeks ago was predominantly filled with black hair algae,and I mean everywhere – all four walls, the floor and all pipes and ornaments. With continuous effort over the last 2 weeks, my daughter with a little help from me, has managed to get rid of nearly all traces of algae from the tank. She has now made it into a predominantly plant tank with a few fish swimming around.

Living room fish tank with plants, bog wood and a few ornaments

The dining room tank was another mess – full of green algae, but very healthy plants which had been growing in there for years. But she has managed to get rid on most of this, split the very healthy plants in the tank and replanted them; she even managed to transplant some of these to the large tank – and saved us some money. She also bought some Finding Nemo ornaments to give this tank its own identity. The aim is to put one male Betta (Siamese fighting fish) in there, as they tend to be very hardy and have very beautiful colours, but need to be kept apart from other fish.

Dining room fish tank

I am actually very impressed with the persistence and hard work put in by my daughter to see these projects through – and all without any encouragement from her parents. It was definitely worth the money invested, as it has helped to cultivate the right kind of work ethic and perseverance in her, which hopefully she will carry on into later life.