Film Locations Visited

There are a few locations within New York and Washington which stand out for me owing to the movies which were shot there or which were specifically mentioned in the plot line of the movies. Hence while there, I took the opportunity to visit some of these places.

Trinity Church:

In the plot in National Treasure, the clues all point to the treasure being found where Wall Street and Broadway intersect i.e. in Trinity Church. Hence one of the locations I wanted to visit was Trinity Church.

Wall Street & Broadway – National Treasure location of first National Treasure
Trinity Church

This lovely building was completed in 1846, being the third and current Trinity Church. In the movie National Treasure, it was allegedly the site of the Templar treasure buried deep underneath it.

Trinity Church

The interior of the Church is very beautiful, and many visitors go there each day, some to pause and reflect and pray, while others are there to soak in the beauty of the stained glass windows and the building.

Inside Trinity Church where Ben Gates finally finds the treasure hidden underneath Trinity Church

New York Public Library:

In The Day After Tomorrow starring Jake Gyllenhaal, he (Sam) and his friends take shelter in the New York Public Library to weather the severe cold storm set to hit New York. They manage to survive this by keeping warm through burning books in the fireplace of the room they all took shelter in. As the New York Public Library is on Fifth Avenue, we walked past it on many occasions when walking around New York City from our Hotel.

New York Public Library – in The Day After Tomorrow where Sam and his friends take shelter to survive the storm

Empire State Building:

I was not particularly impressed by the Empire State Building, particularly at night as you only see the lights rather than the actual buildings in New York City. But it is memorable as the place where the lovers in Sleepless in Seattle finally meet, on top of the Empire State Building on Valentine’s day. So it was still worth a visit, just to recall that particular scene.

Empire State Building – the final scene in Sleepless in Seattle where Sam Baldwin and Annie Reed meet at last

White House:

In Washington, one of the sights to see and photograph is the White House. We actually stayed in a hotel not far from there, so walking there did not take more than a few minutes. The two films I’ve watched which feature this building are: The Sum of All Fears where Jack Ryan and his fiance are celebrating their engagement towards the end of the movie after the threat of war had been averted. It is also the place in National Treasure: Book of Secrets where Ben Gates and Abigail Chase go hunting for the President’s Book of Secrets, in the hope of finding the city of Gold, Cibola – in order to prove his great-great grandfather’s innocence in the Lincoln Assassination.

White House – in National Treasure: Book of Secrets and also The Sum of All Fears where Jack Ryan and his girlfriend are celebrating their engagement after the disaster is averted

Lincoln Memorial:

The Lincoln Memorial is a lovely building, and looked very white and bright on that sunny day we visited it. It is also the place in National Treasure where Ben Gates and Riley Poole plot to steal the Declaration of Independence in the first movie, in the hope of finding the Templar treasure which supposedly had grown and grown over the years into a massive treasure trove.

Lincoln Memorial – National Treasure where Ben Gates and Riley Poole plot to steal the Declaration of Independence

Reflecting Pool:

The Reflecting Pool probably has the biggest impression on me. I remember this from the scene in Captain America – the Winter Soldier in the beginning of the film . Both Captain America and Falcon were jogging around the Reflecting Pool at dawn, and each time Captain America ran past Falcon, he would call out ‘On your left’. I did suggest to my daughter to do this with me while I recorded the video on my GoPro – sort of re-enacting that scene. I did not mind doing the passing or being passed, but she refused – stating that it was silly. Oh well. At least the Reflecting Pool was indeed a beautiful sight.

Reflecting Pool – Captain America – the Winter Soldier
Reflecting pool

Being able to see and visit in person the sights that are featured in the movies I’ve seen is indeed special, and definitely one thing I will take away from the holiday in America.