Father’s Day Celebration

With sunny very warm weather forecast for England on Father’s day, we decided that it would be best to dine at home in the evening rather than brave the energy-sapping weather. Hence we bought plenty of finger food to munch on. But we also wanted to be refreshed by a lovely non-alcoholic cocktail, similar to the ones we had in Jamie’s Italian.

The non-alcoholic cocktail we made was the refresher – made from fresh lemon, elderflower cordial& cranberry juice, topped with lemonade. All served in a tall glass full of ice.

Ingredients for the refresher: Elderflower cordial, cranberry juice, fresh lemon and lemonade

I added 30 mls of Elderflower cordial (bottle green cordial is my daughter’s favourite) and 60 mls of cranberry juice to a tall glass full of ice. Then lemonade is added to fill the glass up. A slice of lemon is added in to the cocktail, and it is ready to serve.

Refresher cocktail ready to serve

Living up to its name, it is truly refreshing and thirst-quenching. Each of us had a glass of this to rehydrate us after such a hot day. A very simple non-alcoholic cocktail to make and lovely to drink – even my youngest daughter who does not like cranberry juice enjoyed it immensely. In fact when we had finished our individual glass of this drink, I made a fifth glass for us to share – and it went very quickly as well.

For dinner, we decided to have some finger food which was bought from the Co-op store nearby. Having finger food in my air-conditioned bedroom where we could beat the heat, was certainly a great way to celebrate Father’s day. As usual, we finished nearly all of the food fairly quickly.

Vegetable pasta, grapes, sausage rolls, Peperami and Doritos with Sour cream and Chives dip
Chicken poppers, cocktail sausages, mini chicken satay sticks with tomato sauce, proscuito ham, salami, cherries and olives

I really enjoyed the day, even with the very hot weather. And my family had bought me an electric water flosser for Father’s day, which I will review at a later date – I can’t emphasise the importance of good dental hygiene.

Smart Water flosser