Entertainment Hub/Games room: 1) Kesen Wireless Smart Light Switch

For the last 5-6 months, we had been planning to convert the garage into a usable room, what we would call our entertainment hub or games room. Now that the room is complete, it is time to fit it with the various technology to make it a high-tech fun room. Over the next few weeks, I will be posting about the various pieces of equipment we have bought to kit up this room. Today I will focus on the wireless wall light switch to control the lights in the games room – Kesen Switch-2 Gang WiFi Smart Light switch from Amazon.co.uk (RRP £23.45).

The Light switch comes in a fairly protective cardboard box, so it should not suffer damage during transit. Of note the box is too large to fit through the letter box.

Kesen WiFi 2-Gang Smart Light Switch

When you look at the glass face plate of the Kesen WiFi light switch, you will notice that it looks very classy and modern – definitely enhances the look of the room it is mounted in.

Face Plate which comes off

In order to mount the light switch, you will need to take off the glass face plate (there is a flap at the base where a flat screwdriver will be able to prise it off). This will reveal three white rectangular plastic pieces which is where the blue LED light resides. The two larger rectangular squares are also the touch controls for the two lights.

Touch controls and LED unit

The back of the 2-Gang light switch has 4 ports to hold the neutral wires and the 3 live wires – L for mains Live and L1 & L2 are for the Live wires of the two lights. Do note this does need to be done by a qualified electrician.

Rear of light switch


Included in the package is a large sheet of instructions which goes through the physical installation process, as well as the setting up for WiFi control; the instructions for setting up for Amazon Alexa control can be found online – just scan the code on the page with the camera to access.

Installation instructions, Setting up of App and For use with Amazon Alexa

Below is the photo of the light switch mounted on the wall in the games room – you can note the slight bluish tinge to the WiFi indicator at the top, to suggest that the WiFi is connected to it. If this is blinking, it suggests that it is trying to connect to WiFi. I do have to say that this is not particularly bright so it may not be possible to see if the WiFi is connected when the room is too bright.

Mounted on the wall

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