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The first thing to set up the Kesen WiFi Smart Light Switch for wireless control is to download the eWeLink App. Once done, it is then possible to follow the simple instructions to connect the light switch. To pair the Light Switch with the App and connect to WiFi, you will need to press the light switches for over 5 seconds, and the blue LEDs will start blinking to tell you that it is ready to connect to the WiFi router – it is difficult to see this if the room is too bright.

eWeLink App for controlling light switch

Enter the eWeLink App. You will need to set up an account in order to use the App. Once this is done you can then start adding the device – just follow the instructions in the App as it is very straightforward.

Screen to add new devices

Once the Light switch is paired and connected to the WiFi router, it will appear on the screen on the App. I have named the light switch Games room, so that name can be used to turn on or off the lights in the room using Alexa.

Connected 2-Gang switch

It is worth accessing the settings page for the device to rename the various channels so these can be controlled independently as well in Alexa – I’ve named them Front and Back light to differentiate the lights in the room. There is also an option on which state each channel will be in if the power is cut off and restored – on, off or keep what it was last set to prior to power-cut – after power is restored; I’ve set mine to off.

Various control settings

Next to setup for control in Alexa, you will have to enable the eWeLink Smart Home Fan Skill in the Amazon Alexa App itself. Once this is done you will need to re-scan for available devices, and then it is all ready to use.

Go to Alexa App to enable eWeLink Skill

Now I can control it with the wall panel, using the eWeLink App and also via voice control using Amazon Alexa: ‘Alexa, turn on Games room’, ‘Alexa, turn off Games room front light’, or ‘Alexa, turn on Games room back light’.

What I like about the Kesen WiFi Smart Light Switch?

  1. Looks good – very modern and classy. Definitely adds to the aesthetics of the room.
  2. Reasonably priced particularly if you wish to control multiple lights (e.g. room full of GU10 bulbs) – more affordable than buying multiple WiFi-controllable GU10 bulbs (£20+ each).
  3. Gives so many different ways to control the lights. And it works.

What could be improved?

  1. The Blue LED is not particularly bright and may not be visible when the room is particularly bright. This is mainly an issue when first setting it up, as it may be difficult to see if it is flashing to suggest it is ready for WiFi pairing. It will not be an issue during normal use, as you would not need to use the lights if it was bright – and under normal use it is definitely bright enough.
  2. Although for most of the time we needed it, it has been connected to WiFi and controllable through Alexa, there have been the odd occasion when Alexa says it is not working – the Blue LED of the WiFi is blinking to suggest it is not connected; using the panel control will reset this. Hopefully this will be resolved with future firmware updates.
  3. There is no access to dimming the lights – that would be a great feature to have.
  4. It does require Neutral (blue) wire connection in order to work – some UK home lights may not have the Neutral wire available at each socket point; fortunately the games room had new re-wiring done by the electrician, so this was not an issue.


My family have been suitable impressed with how posh the Kesen Smart Light Switch looks in our new games room. The fact it makes controlling the lights in that room a whole lot easier with so many different options, makes it worth the money paid for it. But this may not be usable in some houses, as there may not be a Neutral wire at the light switch point – so this needs to be checked before buying this switch. If your setup will allow its use, then it is definitely recommended.


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