Easter Monday Lunch Feast

Over the Good Friday and Easter Sunday weekend, both my wife and I have been working. Hence we have not had time to sit down and celebrate. Even in the early hours of this morning, my wife had to go in to attend to emergencies on two occasions. Hence to cheer her up and to make up for the fact my daughters both had to go in to work with her during this weekend, I decided to get some lovely food for us to celebrate together as a family, and to be thankful.

Now I wanted to cater to the taste of everyone, so there was something that each of us likes. Hence we had many different fruits, meats and vegetables. We even have two different types of crisps.

Doritos Tortilla chips, Lays Paprika crisps and sour cream and chives dip
Vegetables: lettuce, pluum tomatoes and cucumber slices. Meat: Milano Salami and Smoked Proscuitto, with a small tray of Parmesan flakes. Fruits: Strawberries, grapes and mango slices.
Proscuitto slices, salad with Mozzarella cheese, cocktail sausages, green and Kalamata olives, Fridge raiders Southern Fried chicken pieces and slow roasted vine tomatoes with Mozzarella.

Though the skies were cloudy, the conservatory was warm enough for us to enjoy the meal there. For a short period of time, we even had a little sun shining down on us. And to finish it all off, we had a nice glass of gin and tonic. Truly lovely. And even though I thought it would be too much for us to finish, there were only some crisps and four Kalamata olives left when we had finished with lunch.

Gin and tonic with a twist of lime

We are truly thankful at this time of year, particularly having been too busy at work to be able to enjoy the Bank holiday until today. And even though my wife was very tired after her work, the meal did serve to pick her up. And my daughters were pretty pleased as well.