Dual arm laptop + iPad desk mount

Previously I had a floor standing mount for my iPad so it could be used while I am sitting in bed. It was reasonably stable but did not allow for the iPad to be swivelled into and away from me. Hence when i started to look for a stand mount which could take both an iPad and a laptop,  so I did not have to place my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 on my lap, I was pretty impressed with the look of this  mount system and decided I had to get it. Read on to see what I think about it.

I ordered the Adjustable Aluminium Universal Laptop Notebook & Computer Monitor Stand Desk Mount Bracket clamp Tilt Swivel Dual Arm Support Holder (Laptop & Tablet) from Amazon Prime for £59.95.

It was delivered the next day and so when I returned from work I could assemble it. This did not take very long to set it up at all – it is fairly simple actually.

Simple packaging for the stand
Simple packaging for the stand

The parts were well packed to prevent damage while in transit.

Contents very well packaged
Contents very well packaged

It comes with the laptop mounting plate. There are also parts to secure the laptop to the mounting plate on the side and front, to ensure it is stable. There are also spring-loaded 7″ and 10″ tablet holder adapters to choose from. I used the 10″ tablet holder for my iPad.

The mountings for laptop and either 7" or 10" tablet/iPad
The mountings for laptop and either 7″ or 10″ tablet/iPad

The kit I bought came with two swivel arms – one for the laptop and the other for a tablet. There are also black clips to fit on those grooves on the mounting rod – this allows you to select the level where each arm will be mounted.

2 swivel arms and the mounting rod
2 jointed swivel arms and the mounting rod

This is how I mounted my Surface Pro 3 and iPad to the stand. Now I can swivel both to face me while I sit in my bed. I also used an phone holder to mount my iPhone onto one of the arms of this stand – so I can use 3 devices at the same time (4 if you include the television as well).

The stand with iPad and Surface Pro 3 mounted on my bedside table
The stand with iPad and Surface Pro 3 mounted on my bedside table

I do like this stand, as the iPad fits very solidly on it – much more secure than the other iPad stands I’ve used before. The only gripe I have about this is that the iPad holder cannot be rotated from landscape to portait; it does allow swivelling sideways and angling up and down to a certain degree.

Original 10" tablet mount
Original 10″ tablet mount

Hence I changed this for my old iPad holder adapter, which happens to fit this stand perfectly. Now I can rotate it from landscape to portrait or even by 180 degrees to allow for a shorter distance for the charging cable to the iPad.

The iPad mounting adapter from my previous iPad holder
The iPad mounting adapter from my previous iPad holder

What do I like about this stand?

  1. It holds the iPad and tablet very securely on my bedside table, while allowing for them to be swivelled into use and also out of the way when no longer needed.
  2. Height adjustable for both devices, so it can be at the correct height.
  3. The arm is strong enough to mount other devices such as a smartphone.
  4. Price is about right.

What could be improved?

  1. The laptop mounting plate can only angle down in one direction, which does not work as well with my Surface Pro 3; it would have been great if I could use the front clips on the back of my Surface Pro 3 to make it more secure. 
  2. The laptop mounting plate has a little bit of wobble in it where it fits on the arm. But it is still very useable.


I like it alot as I can now mount 3 devices to the stand. And when not needed, they can be pushed out of the way. The only thing I may think about, is to try and mount this directly onto my bed frame using some metal plates and bolts to make it really steady. Someone does need to come up with bed frames with electronic device stands built in.