Diskstation Photo

The other Diskstation app which is of interest to me (and one of the main reasons I bought the DiskStation) is the one for Photos. As I do have many photos accrued from many years of photography, it was good to be able to upload them onto my Diskstation server, so that my wife and I can access them whenever we want.

The photos are uploaded onto Diskstation via their File Station. This will also create thumbnails of each individual photo, to make viewing them much faster on mobile devices when accessing them through cellphone data. I have to say that it does take a while for the photos to be uploaded and thumbnails generated. But after that, accessing them is pretty fast and straight forward.

The photos are accessed through the DiskStation Photo+ app, which is free to download. With this, I am able to access my photos from anywhere in the world, as long as I have access to the internet. For when there is no internet access, it is possible to download these photos to the mobile device as well.

Astrophotography folder
Astrophotography folder with thumbnails to search through
Cornwall trip folder
Cornwall trip folder also with thumbnails
Rome trip photo - infrared
Rome trip photo – infrared
Rome trip photo - infrared
Rome trip photo – infrared

All the above photos were screen-grabs from my iPhone 6 plus, and are all stored on my DiskStation server and accessed through the internet. Now it is like having all my photos (stored on the DiskStation) well within reach.

My wife is very pleased with this facility, as she does like to look through her photos every now and then, and as they are not stored on her device, it is not taking up much of her storage. Another great capability of the DiskStation.