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Deyimei Wireless Bluetooth Ear Phones Page 2

Each ear bud weighed 5.8g, which is slightly heavier than the Apple Airpods.

Each ear piece = 5.8g

For comparison, I also weighed my daughter’s Apple wired earphones, and that came up at 12.4g.

Apple earphones weight 12.4g

Below I have comparison photos of the Deyimei ear buds next to the Apple wired earphones – the size difference is immediately noticeable. But when worn by my daughter, it is hidden by her long hair anyway so it is not noticeable at all. I have used this as well and found it fit comfortably and does not feel overly large or heavy.

Size comparison

I have made a chart to compare the Deyimei earbuds vs Apple Airpods – most of the comparisons are in favour of the Airpods except the price, bearing in mind the size of the ear bud is larger owing to the silicone ear tip it has which is supposed to fit into the ear and reduce the effect of ambient noise (although it has no impact on the length which is over a centimeter longer than the Airpods).

What I like about the Deyimei Bluetooth earbuds?

  1. Price is definitely its best feature, being less than 1/5th the price of the Airpods ( or 1/7th of the price when I bought on Amazon Prime day).
  2. The use of silicone ear tips helps to reduce the impact of ambient noise on the music (assuming a good fit of the ear tips). I do not like earphones which do not have these, so hence the Apple Airpods never appealed to me.
  3. It is truly wire-free which makes it useful.

What could be improved?

  1. The size is definitely a little big compared to wired earphones and even with the Apple Airpods.
  2. The sound quality is definitely not up to the standards of good quality wired earphones, but still reasonable sounding depending on what you listen to.
  3. The silicone ear tips are fairly large, even the smallest sized ones, which means it may not work for everyone – but it should be possible to buy different sized ear tips to fit.
  4. Quality control: This is probably the biggest issue with the earphones. Some people have had issues with the Bluetooth cutting off intermittently, while others have not – so that is a risk to consider when buying this. I had this issue and had to return it to Amazon.


Having had these for a few weeks, my daughter had been using them regularly – but she did not tell me that she was having issues with the Bluetooth cutting off intermittently, until I asked her. The store and charge case is very useful as it means that it is unlikely to be out of battery when you need to use it. The sound quality is reasonable but does not work with all music. The fact it is truly wireless via Bluetooth pairing is a great feature (assuming it works and doesn’t cut out every now and then, which is so annoying).

For those who can afford it and don’t mind using earphones without silicone ear tips, the Apple Airpods probably would be a better option. For those who wish to save money and are willing to take the risk with quality control issues, then these can be a viable option. As there was no swapping facility available with Amazon, I ended up returning the earphones. Hence I am unable to recommend these earphones. But some of you may be lucky and get ones which actually work.


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