Dessert: Bubur Terigu

One of the desserts which I really like, and which I had grown up eating while in Junior College in Singapore was the Bubur terigu. This is a sweet dessert made with white wheat – terigu.Prior to cooking it, the terigu needs to be soaked for at least a few hours, preferably overnight. The resultant water is rather starchy and hence it is best to discard it and use fresh water to cook the terigu. It is best cooked in a slow cooker over many hours, with some fragrant Pandan leaves. As I did not have any available, I used some green Pandan extract to produce the same effect, albeit with a green tinge to the Bubur terigu.

Terigu white wheat
Bag of Terigu white wheat
Terigu soaked overnight to allow it to expand prior to cooking
Terigu soaked overnight to allow it to expand prior to cooking in slow cooker

After cooking for at least 5 hours, it is ready to serve. It is traditionally served with coconut milk to enhance the aromas and taste, although some people serve it with milk instead.

Coconut milk
Coconut milk to add to the Bubur terigu
Bowl of bubur terigu
Bowl of bubur terigu
Served with coconut milk
Served with coconut milk

I have to say that it is a very delicious dessert, as the white wheat expands significantly with cooking and has a very nice texture. Sugar is added to taste and the coconut milk is added just prior to serving. I have to say that we finished it all within three days of cooking it.