The daffodils have been blooming for the last few weeks. But I have just not had the time to pick one to photograph, that is, until now. With such warm sunny days over the last few weeks, it has certainly resulted in nearly all of the daffodil bulbs blooming together.

Daffodil - Visible
Daffodil – Visible
Daffodil - UV
Daffodil – UV
Daffodil - IDS1
Daffodil – IDS1
Daffodil - IDS2e
Daffodil – IDS2e
Daffodil - UVIVF
Daffodil – UVIVF

I used the Stackshot to shoot these images. In total 4 images were taken per filter stack at 15mm apart (I had calculated that the depth of field at F4 with my Coastal Optics would be about 21mm), so there was some overlap for stacking.


Equipment used: Olympus EM-5, Coastal Optics 60mm F4, Baader U filter, Baader UV-IR cut filter, IDS1 & 2e filters, Quantum X2D flash, Nightsearcher UV torches, Stackshot