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D-Link Smart Plug DSP-W215 Page 2

To start the setup, you will need to download their mydlink Home App.

mydlink home App

You will need to sign up in order to be able to proceed with the installation, which will also require verification of the email address through the email link sent to you.

Sign up to access the iCloud setup and control

Once signed in, you will be able to start adding new devices controlled by the App.

Add device screen

As mentioned before, the smart plug comes with quick install card which has a barcode to scan in to complete the setup of the new device. Each device has its own SSID so it is clear which device you are setting up or using.

Quick setup card with bardcode scanning for setup

The App guides you through the various steps of installation. I did not have any issues setting this up.

Setting up Wi-Fi step 1
Manual connection to smart plug for setting up Wi-Fi connection with router

Once the smart plug is connected to the Wi-Fi router, it will prompt you to select the correct time zone for scheduling of device control. Here it has chosen Europe/London for me.

Complete setup by choosing time zone

Then simply name the device and it is ready to be controlled with the App. Sadly I have to say that one of the plugs did not function properly as it did not power up the devices plugged into it, even when the power on indicator was lit. Hence I had to send it back to Amazon for a refund.


What I like about this smart plug?

  1. It monitors the power consumption of the devices drawing power through it.
  2. It has an integrated thermal sensor to automatically turn off overheating power sockets.
  3. Has mobile and iCloud control of devices away from home.

What could be improved?

  1. It does not connect to Amazon Echo/Alexa outside of the US currently. This needs to be addressed by D-Link, as this is a skill which Alexa should get.
  2. It does not have a widget for controlling or viewing the power status of devices on the Notification page of the iPhone.
  3. I’m not sure if quality control is an issue, as one of the two plugs had a fault in it.


If D-Link address the deficiency in Skills for integrating the control of its smart plug into Amazon Echo/Alexa, then this would make this plug worth considering. It does have many endearing features which can prove to be life-savers, particularly the thermal overheating protection. But the design (for the UK model) is flawed as the power on/off button gets obscured by the trailing cable of the plug that it holds.

The price is higher than the similar model from TP-Link, which already has Alexa Skills for integration, so I would have to say it is not value for money currently. But should they come up with the improvements above (Widget and Alexa Skills), then it can be recommended – but not until then.


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