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Cote Brasserie – Leamington Spa Page 3


For the mains, my wife ordered the Seafood linguine -again, as she seems to do when we go out for dinner. Clearly she is trying to taste and rank all the seafood linguine served by the various restaurants. And she rates this very well indeed.

Seafood linguine: Linguine pasta with prawns, mussels,clams and squid, sauteed in garlic, chilli, white wine and tomato

I ordered the Piquant chicken which is served with harissa (Maghrebi hot chilli paste) which was rather delicious. It could be a little more spicy, but perhaps it is tailored to what most customers can take. Nice nonetheless.

Piquant chicken: chargrilled chicken breast with harissa,warm white bean salad, cherry tomatoes and green salad

My daughter ordered the steak frites, but did not enjoy it because she does not like her beef pink – clearly she did not read the menu correctly, otherwise she would probably not have ordered it (it does say it is served pink). So I helped her with it – it felt tough and not particularly tasty, so I would not recommend this; but then I am used to sous vide steak which just can’t be beat.

Steak frites: chargrilled thinly beaten out minute steak with frites and garlic butter (served pink)


Although most of us wanted to order the Crumble aux peches, they only had one serving of this remaining. Hence we had to amend our dessert order. I had the chocolate ice cream which my youngest daughter liked more than the chocolate mousse.

Chocolate ice cream

The chocolate mousse was light and chocolaty, and my wife and oldest daughter  really liked it.

Chocolate mousse

As the graduate, Michael had the privilege to have the sole serving of Crumble aux peches they had left. I did manage to take a photo of it before he tucked in. Looks very nice.

Crumble aux peches: Peach compote with Normandy butter crumble and vanilla ice cream

The Cote Brasserie waitress did recommend the creme caramel as a very nice dessert, and I managed to take a photo of this as well.

Creme caramel

It was a lovely meal which we shared together, and definitely enjoyable. The restaurant  even gave him a box of chocolates which he shared with us at the end of the meal.

Cote Brasserie chocolates

Congrats again to Michael from all of us.


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