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Cote Brasserie – Leamington Spa Page 2

We ordered food from the early evening meal menu – which is very well priced at £10.95 for 2 course or £12.95 for 3 course meal.


Below are the starters I managed to photograph.

The langoustine tails were very tasty and probably the best choice from the menu.

Langoustine tails: sauteed breaded langoustine tails served with rocket and mayonnaise verte

Michael ordered the Charcuterie, and allowed me to take a photo of it.

Charcuterie: finely shredded pork pate and sliced saucisson sec with cornichons and toasted sourdough bread

I ordered the Tune rillettes, which is simply tuna prepared similar to pate. It did taste very nice when eaten with the sourdough and salad.

Tuna rillettes: flaked tuna ‘rillettes’ with fine herbs, lemon and toasted sourdough
Tuna rillettes
Tuna rillettes spread on the sourdough bread

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