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Coravin Model 1 Wine System – Page 2

In the photo below you will see a needle at the top where the bottle clamp is. This is the needle which access the wine cork. As cork is pliable, it will reseal itself after the needle is pulled out. This needle is use to pulse argon into the bottle, and when there is sufficient pressure in the bottle, it will also allow the wine to escape through it and the metal spout into the wine glass. The needle at the bottom of the photo will pierce the metal foil of the argon cannister so it can be used to dispense wine.

Needles for accessing the cork (top) and for accessing the Argon cannister (bottom)

There is a blue lever at the top where the handle is. Pressing on this will allow argon to go through the needle. This needs to be pressed prior to accessing a wine bottle to purge any air in the needle,  and once the needle is inserted through the cork into the bottle the argon dispensed will force wine out of the spout into the glass; the bottle needs to be tilted downwards first so the wine will come out.

Blue flap at top for dispensing argon into the bottle which in turn forces wine out into the glass. Clamp at the base for gripping wine bottle

Included in the package are 2 argon cannisters – each will have enough argon to dispense 15 glasses of wine. Do note this is glasses of wine and not bottles, so this roughly translates to 4 bottles of 750 ml wine per cannister. To be more economical with the argon, I would suggest that if the wine remaining in the bottle can be finished in that sitting, that the bottle is uncorked and wine dispensed as normal. They do include a black storage bag for the Coravin and what looks like an introducer to clean the needle.

Included accessories

The handle needs to be pulled upwards so the needle is out of the way, before the bottle clamp can be applied to the bottle. The grip provided by the bottle clamp will ensure that the angle of the needle is just right to access the cork.

Top is pulled up before clamping this onto wine bottle

The argon cannister fits into the tubular container in the photo below which will then screw back onto the Coravin, where the needle will pierce the foil on top of the argon cannister so it is ready to use.

Cannister holder which is threaded back into the body

I bought a few more argon capsules as I can anticipate that this will enable me to access a few of the nice bottles of wine which I have accumulated over the years but never had the courage to open.

Extra 2 argon capsules – each good for dispensing 15 glasses of wine

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