Coosa Wi-Fi Smart UK Plug

Recently I had an issue with the home electrics tripping, which resulted in all the appliances cutting out. When power was restored, I realised that my D-Link Smart Plugs were not automatically reconnecting to the Router. And it took a fair bit of time to get 2 of them to work, and the remaining 2 I simply could not reconnect. Hence I had to look for an alternative. It needed to be priced right, easy to setup, controllable through Alexa and have a better App interface for controlling the plug.

After looking on, it was pretty easy to decide on the Coosa Wi-Fi smart UK plug as it only costs £11.49 and fit the bill for the other requirements I had. Initially I ordered 2 of these plugs to try out through, but bought another 4 once I found how easy it was to setup. It comes in a simple cardboard box to protect it from damage, and also comes with instructions.

Coosa W-Fi Smart UK Plug

What I liked about this plug was the fact there is just one button to switch on and off the device, and to reset it (by pressing on the button until the light starts blinking). And the fact the button is at the top rather than the bottom of the plug means it will not be covered by the trailing cable of the plug attached to it. This means it is much easier to switch on and off by pressing that button.

Simple design with just one button

The App to control this smart plug is eFamilyCloud which can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS devices; it is also available on Android. I simply had to register an account and then I was ready to add new devices to it.

eFamilyCloud App

To setup the new device, I simply had to make sure the button on the Smart Plug was blinking. Then I chose the Electrical outlet option, and the App will start syncing with the Smart Plug.

Add new device – select the correct appliance

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