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Coosa Wi-Fi Smart UK Plug – Page 2

Once the circle at the center of the App gets to 100%, the plug should be connected (unless an error message crops up – in which case you will need to reset the plug and try again). The plug may switch on and off a few times while it is connecting to the Router. Then it is a case of renaming the device if needed so it can be recognised easily.

Connect to the device

And when the device has been connected and appears on the App, it is possible to turn it on/off via three different routes: by pressing the switch, set a countdown for when the device will switch off (in hours and minutes) or set a timer for when a device turns off and turns off (at certain times of the day).

Plug switched on – 3 options (on/off switch, countdown & timer)

Here I have 3 different devices connected and ready to use on the App. In total I have bought 6 of these plugs, but one had to be returned as it was not turning the device on even though the button shows both red and blue (which means the power is on); if the button is only lit blue, it means the power is off. Hence that defective plug has been returned to Amazon. I am likely to buy a few more, as it is so easy to set up and control, and is very good value.

3 Plugs connected

It is also fairly simple to connect the Smart Plug to Alexa, by enabling the Skill for eFamilyCloud in the Amazon App (which requires you to login to the eFamilyCloud account in the Amazon App) and once activated then a search for the new devices is needed so it can be added to the list of devices. Then it is ready to be controlled by Alexa.

eFamilyCloud App allows for smartphone control and setup

What I like about the Coosa Wi-Fi Smart Plug?

  1. Very good price at £11.49 each.
  2. Well designed as it has just one button to control (no need to press multiple buttons or have a pin to press a reset button). The fact the button is up top and not made inaccessible by the dangling cable of the electrical plug is great. This is a problem with many of the Smart Plugs available out there unfortunately.
  3. Very easy to setup. Download the App, register an account and the device is ready to connect. And works with Alexa too for voice-control.
  4. The App is easy to use and more useful than the other Apps I’ve used (MyDLink and Kasa). The countdown function is particularly useful for ad hoc control of devices so they turn off after a set amount of time, such as a heater or clothes drying rack. The timer function is more useful for devices which are turned on and off regularly at set times e.g. aquarium lighting.

What could be improved?

  1. I did have to reset a few of the plugs as they seemed to be offline and not accessible a day or two after initial setup. But once the resetting was done, it has been working fine with no further problems. So not sure what happened there.
  2. I did have to return one of the plugs which was not working. So perhaps better QC of the products is needed.


I would have to say that of all the Wi-Fi Smart Plugs I have bought, these are the least expensive and the easiest to setup. I particularly like the features available in the App, especially the countdown mode which makes switching off a device after a set period of time a breeze. I would choose this plug over the TP-Link HS100 Smart plug which costs more than double the price, or the D-Link W215 Smart Plug which has been a real nightmare to setup. I would definitely recommend this plug (even though I had to return 1 plug as it was defective – not a problem as it was through Amazon).


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