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Cooling towels – page 2

Gobi Cool Cooling towel £6.99

The Gobi Cool towel looked to be a completely different kind of cooling towel to the Ergodyne, and hence I thought it would be worth a try as well for comparison. It comes in various colours but I chose the inconspicuous grey colour in 10″ x 30″ size, and can confirm that it definitely feels soft just like any microfiber cloth towel.

Gobi Cool towel

The Gobi cool did feel significantly warmer out of the packaging compared to the Ergodyne Chill-Its.

Feels like a normal microfiber cloth

So I was not too surprised to find that its temperature was 23.2 degrees Celsius, which was definitely warmer than the Ergodyne (and in fact was warmer than my room temperature – perhaps reflective of the delivery truck temperature which had just delivered it).

23.2 degrees Celsius before water

But after rinsing it through with cold water, squeezing out the excess water and giving it a flick, the temperature had come down significantly to 18.8 degrees Celsius, and felt much cooler to touch.

18.8 degrees Celsius after running water through it

What I like about the Gobi Cool towel?

  1. It feels soft to the touch, is available in different colours and different sizes to suit different needs.
  2. It does feel cooler to the touch once water has been added to it and the excess squeezed out.
  3. It does not harden up when it dries up, unlike the Ergodyne Chill-Its, and hence will continue to feel soft to the touch throughout its use.

What could be improved?

  1. Due to the material of the Gobi Cool, it cannot hold as much water as the Ergodyne, and hence will not be able to cool for as long as the Ergodyne.
  2. £6.99 is not a small price for a fairly small towel.


Each towel has its merits and areas where it may not be as good. But ultimately, they allow for quicker transfer of heat away from the body, which can be very helpful to aid working or exercise when the body is getting hot, to dissipate the excess heat and keep the body feeling more comfortable and able to work more efficiently.

The Ergodyne Chill-Its does feel to work very well, even right out of the box, although it does feel much stiffer compared to the Gobi Cool. It should get and feel softer with use over time, so I would still favour this over the Gobi Cool especially when exercising as it works so well.

The Gobi Cool I would use when I want to be cooled down but not have something too conspicuous draped over me e.g. at the office.

But I do feel that both products have their place and can be recommended.


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