Christmas Tree

It is that time of year again when our Christmas tree comes out of storage and we decorate it together as a family. This year our youngest daughter had the privilege to choose the new Christmas decoration for the year – a tradition we have had since 1998 (last 20 years).

We seem to have established the same routine for the last few years as we go together as a family to TK-MAXX to buy a new decoration to adorn the Christmas tree, which we put up on the 1st of December. My oldest daughter puts on the same Christmas CD on the same sound system, while we get on with decorating the tree. And everyone has a great time doing it – even Rosie our dog has her job, roaming around and sniffing everywhere while the decorations go up.

For this year, my youngest daughter chose a heart shaped glass decoration (the 20th new decoration for our Christmas tree). As is tradition, whoever chooses the new decoration has the privilege to place it on the tree. But placing the star on the top of the tree will always be my job.

New Christmas decoration chosen by my youngest daughter this year

Below is the same decoration but lit by only the lights adorning the Christmas tree – it does look very colourful like this.

New decoration lit by Christmas lights

Now our God son had given us a Christmas bauble to decorate our tree last year, but it arrived too late for us to put it up. Hence this year we made sure to add it to our tree as well.

Christmas bauble from our God son

And below is what our Christmas tree looks like this year – heaped full of tradition.

Decorated Christmas tree

It is great that we have an enjoyable family Christmas tradition. The fact our daughters love it and insist that we follow this year after year and not deviate from it, as they do not want any of it to change – just confirms that we have got it right.