Christmas Day food

This year as my wife was working Christmas eve, we decided to have our Christmas meal on Christmas day itself. As neither of us were working on Christmas day, we could sit back, relax and enjoy the lovely food throughout the day. Below are the photos of the food we had for Christmas.

We divided the food preparations so that I prepared the lunch below, while my wife made our Christmas dinner. As usual, I made finger food for us to enjoy – and we did finish all the food, bar a few remaining biscuits and crisps. We all do love our cheeses at this time of year, particularly the Cranberry Wensleydale, Red Leicester and Mature Cheddar cheeses; we did also have Brie with the grapes, as the combination does go well together.

Christmas lunch – finger foods (cheeses and various meats)

To be healthy, we did have some vegetables as well – including roasted artichokes, olives with feta cheese and our staples of cherry tomatoes and sliced cucumbers. We had sour cream and chives dip and hot salsa dip for the crisps.

Vegetables, crisps and biscuits with dips

For dinner, my wife had to start the preparations 3 hours beforehand. We did fill up the time testing my new Christmas present with four different wines – more to be revealed about this another time. Suffice it to say that we had a lot of fun, learning about these 4 wines – the time passed very quickly, so cooking was definitely not a chore.

For vegetables, my wife roasted potatoes, parsnips, carrots and one courgette. She also boiled Brussels sprouts. These were presented together in the same platter.

Roasted vegetables (carrots, courgette, parsnips and potatoes) and Brussels Sprouts

For starters, my wife cooked the tempura prawns which we all love.

Tempura prawns

As is tradition, we will have a log of Honey Roast Ham, as Christmas dinner would not be the same without it.

Honey Roast Ham

This year, my wife decided to use the method of the TV Chef James Martin to cook the Christmas roast turkey – see link here. His method for cooking the turkey does work and the meat was nice and tender – not dry at all. Fantastic. My wife is even looking forward to eating it again on Boxing Day.

Roast turkey (James Martin method)

We had a plate of hand-picked Spanish Clementines, as this is another festive food to serve on Christmas day.

Hand-picked Spanish Clementines

Below is my plate of roast turkey with all the trimmings – very nice.

Roast turkey with the trimmings

I have also included a bird’s-eye view of our Christmas dinner. We also had chocolate profiteroles, strawberry triple and mini cheese cakes for dessert, which you can see below on the left. The four wines we tasted are on the right of the table.

Bird’s eye view of the Christmas meal

At about midnight, we had our Christmas pudding as there was now some space in our tummy for it. My oldest daughter had the one without any alcohol in it, whereas my wife and I shared the Luxury Christmas pudding laced with cognac. As usual, it is best served with double cream – the more the merrier.

Christmas pudding
Christmas pudding – waiting to serve with double cream

We had a truly lovely Christmas dinner. Hope you enjoy the photos.