Christmas Advent Calendar – 12/12/14

This is the first year that I have looked at imaging in light spectrum which extends from the invisible to visible spectrum (on purpose). It is said that various insects have eyes that are able to detect ultraviolet light, blue and green, but are ‘blind’ to red and infrared.

Rudbeckia hirta - IDS2e
Rudbeckia hirta – IDS2e

Some of us have looked at various filters to mimic this by letting through as much ultraviolet light as possible, a small amount of blue and green light, but blocking all red and infrared; that way the ultraviolet light is not overpowered by the visible light.

I have given the filter used for the above image the name: Insect-D-sight 2e (or IDS2e). The emphasis is that the image has been digitally captured using a full-spectrum camera and interpreted into colours we can actually understand.