Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner 2017

On Chinese New Year Eve, we invited 4 special friends over to share our reunion dinner together. As always, my wife was up to the task and had determined the various dishes she would like to cook for all of us days ahead of the event. In total, we had ten different dishes served for our reunion dinner.

I started the feast by popping a bottle of 9-10 year old Krug Grand  Cuvée. We toasted to welcome the New Year, with those unable to drink alcohol having the white sparkling grape-juice (Shloer) instead. It had a lovely golden yellow colour befitting its age. It was truly lovely and enjoyable. The only other time we had drunk this was a bottle we had bought from Kuala Lumpur airport, which we opened to welcome the new Millenium (1/1/2000). This bottle was even better than that one, as all who drank it would agree.

Krug Grand Cuvee champagne

Dish 1 – the cold dish consisting of deep-fried spring rolls, quartered soya eggs, deep-fried wantons and my wife’s home-made Bak Keng or Mom’s meat rolls.

Cold dish – spring rolls, soya eggs, wantons, Mom’s meat rolls

Dish 2 – This is my wife’s own twist to the Prosperity toss with various shredded vegetables, Doritos Tortilla chips and fried mini cod fillets. The Prosperity toss normally has raw fish, but my wife used cooked fish so everyone helping with the toss could eat this dish.

Prosperity toss – fish salad with fried cod fish, vegetables and Doritos crisps

Dish 3 – Roast duck which my wife prepared and roasted herself. This looks great and tasted great as well.

Roast duck

Dish 4 – Whole soya chicken. Nice and succulent meat.

Whole soya chicken

Dish 5 – Roast Salmon with bean paste sauce.

Roast Salmon in bean paste sauce

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