Chinese New Year Goodies

Today being the last day of Chinese New Year, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to post about the goodies that my wife’s colleague had made for us for Chinese New Year. It was a great gesture from him, especially since he is not Chinese. 

He went to great efforts to make the treats below, which he did not have to, and there was one that we are particularly grateful to him for.

Chocolate home-made cookies made specially for my daughters – not quite typical Chinese New Year treat, but it is great that he thought of our daughters.

Chocolate cookies

Kueh bangkit or tapioca cookies, one of my favourite treats during Chinese New Year. It actually tastes very nice – just like the ones that we get back home.

Kueh Bangkit

Almond cookies.

Almond cookies

Pineapple tarts – these did taste very nice and I would happily eat these. But the ones my wife made are simply the best.

Pineapple tarts

These salted egg yolk cookies were the ones which started us baking them as they taste really nice. My youngest daughter absolutely loved these – they were the first treats we finished eating. In fact, we made these cookies ourselves twice now and have finished them off very quickly, with plans to make more today for our guests (and of course our own) consumption.

Salted egg yolk cookies

Now that we have finished most of the goodies from Chinese New Year, I will be concentrating on trying to get my weight back down (the big downside of having such delicious treats). But at least I enjoyed the CNY treats.