Chinese New Year Feast

We had our annual Chinese New Year reunion dinner on 15/2/18. Unfortunately due to my work schedule, I have not had the time or opportunity to post about this until now. In fact our food preparations had started a day or two before this.

First I would like to wish my readers a blessed and prosperous Year of the Dog.


Even our dog Rosie has worn a little red to commemorate the Year of the Dog.

Year of the Dog – Rosie wearing a little red

As we seem to have developed a tradition from last year, my youngest daughter requested that we bake her favourite salted egg yolk cookies for Chinese New Year, which we promptly did late on Tuesday evening. But she was definitely pleased with these.

Salted egg yolk cookies

Next, she wanted my wife to make her Bak Kwa or pork jerky. This is another of her favourite and went down a treat. She even made enough to give some to our guests to take home.

Bak Kwa – dried pork jerky

Now on the eve of Chinese New Year, my wife had single-handedly cooked us a feast. We had three special guests dining with us this year.

Dish No. 1:

We started off with the starter – cold dish with my wife’s bak kien (mother’s meat rolls), home-made won tons, vegetable spring rolls, vegetable samosas and soy egg slices. This dish we finished easily, as there were many of my daughter’s favourite foods.

Cold dish/appetizer with won ton, spring rolls, vegetable samosa, mum’s meat roll and soy eggs

Dish No. 2:

Next came the Fortune toss (instead of raw fish my wife had pan-fried some cod). Together with all the different vegetables, everyone joined in to toss everything together before we all tuck in to this dish.

Fortune toss dish

As you can see below, many of us were joining in and doing a good job of mixing the food together.

Everyone joining in the fortune toss with chopsticks

Dish No. 3:

Next came the whole soya chicken – a free-range organic chicken I had bought. The meat was nice and tender – not too dry.

Soy whole chicken

Dish No. 4:

The fourth dish was the Roast Duck which my wife cooked. The meat was also nice and tender.

Roast duck

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