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Chinese New Year Feast – Page 2

Dish No. 5:

Next dish up was the Roast Pork. The skin was nice and crispy with the meat still very tender.

Roast pork

Dish No. 6:

Long life noodles – the Chinese New Year meal is not complete without this.


Dish No. 7:

Pan-fried king prawns – these were very large indeed.

Pan-fried king prawns

Dish No. 8:

In Chinese culture, serving fish symbolizes having more than you need for the year. Hence there has to be a fish dish – in this case it was pan-fried cod served with shredded ginger and soya bean paste sauce.

Cod with ginger and soya bean paste sauce

Dish No. 9:

Stir-fry vegetables – a healthy dish to complete the meal, and full of lovely colours.

Stir-fry vegetables

Dish No. 10:

For dessert we had agar jelly, one with blended egg-white and the other plain. Sadly the flash I had placed on the top of the cupboard had gone to sleep and was out of reach – hence the light came from just one flash.

Egg-white agar jelly
Plain agar jelly

As I was on-call for the hospital and most of the guests do not drink alcohol, we served the Shloer non-alcoholic rose bubbly, which everyone loved – we finished two bottles of this easily.

Shloer non-alcoholic rose bubbly

Below is the bird’s eye view of the whole feast. Everyone had a great time, with plenty of laughter, fun and games (we played guess that smell with bottles of aroma essence I had bought over 10 years ago).

Bird’s eye view of the Chinese New Year Feast

It was another successful Chinese New Year dinner which we shared with our three very close friends. This was particularly significant as one of them was very ill before Christmas, and hence we were pleased that he had recovered enough to come and share this meal with us.


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