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Autumn colours

With Autumn well and truly set in, I wanted to capture some of the colours of this season as displayed in the foliage. But the weather in the UK has been fairly wet and cold recently, and so I did not have the opportunity to document this until recently. On Tuesday just gone, I made a trip to Florence Park, Oxford, to try and capture the lovely colours we associate with autumn. Do bear in mind that the skies were cloudy, so there was no opportunity to contrast the red/yellow colours against a dark blue sky.  Continue reading Autumn colours

Health parameters

Recently I had been very busy at work with quite a few days when I have been on-call at the hospital. Hence there has been times when I’ve not been able to post on my website – apologies to my readers. But now that I have some spare time again, I will be posting about a few things. The first I thought I would do is reflect my analysis of the health parameter data that I have accrued from my Withings Body Cardio over the last few weeks. Continue reading Health parameters

Pokemon Go buddy

It has been over 2 months since Pokemon Go came out here in England. There have been some updates to the interface, and one of the most useful is that of a Pokemon Buddy, where you elect one Pokemon as your buddy to walk about with you. And depending on the buddy, walking a certain amount of distance will result in your buddy finding a Pokemon-specific candy. This can prove to be helpful particularly for the rarer Pokemon, to get more candy to power them up or even evolve them. Continue reading Pokemon Go buddy