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Light painting

My daughter came back from her school fireworks night with two interesting multicoloured LED lighting devices. That gave me a thought of doing light painting with these to see what they look like. As my daughter is starting to get an interest in photography, what better way to get her involved than for her to also help with the light painting. Continue reading Light painting

Sony A7R IQ Comparison of Firmware

Previously I did a comparison of the Sony A7R firmware 1.01 vs 1.02, where there was an improvement in IQ with the update. Recently Sony released their firmware 1.10, touting improved image quality as a feature of this update. Read on to find out if there is an improvement. Click on the images to bring up the larger images to help you compare and decide for yourself. Continue reading Sony A7R IQ Comparison of Firmware

Thunderbolt SSD Drive

Since starting my website, I have realised that the Western Digital My Passport 2TB USB 3.0 drive is not really keeping up the large RAW files that I have in my Capture One Pro catalog. Even browsing the thumbnails can take quite a bit of time as there is significant lag while these load up. Hence I decided to invest in faster storage, to improve computer efficiency. Continue reading Thunderbolt SSD Drive

Useful accessories: 2) Extra support

There are some accessories available online which can be very helpful for a photographer. Some are good for holding pieces of equipment in place, while others will hold the subject being photographed in position – but they do help the photographer to get that special shot. I have found these items below to be helpful for shooting flowers, but some of these could easily be adapted for other types of photography. Continue reading Useful accessories: 2) Extra support

Waddesdon Manor

Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire is a chateaux built by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild in 1874. It is a National Trust site, with large gardens, an aviary, many walks, play areas for children of different age groups, the main house and also a wine cellar to visit. We have visited this on quite a few occasions, and have found it relaxing and enjoyable, to walk and explore.

Here are photos of the grounds and also the wine cellar. Continue reading Waddesdon Manor

Skywatcher ED80 – solar and bird imaging

I own a Skywatcher ED80 refractor, which is an 80mm F7.5 telescope with a focal length of 600mm; effective focal length is 1200mm on the Micro 4/3rds system. I bought this as a guide scope for my main astrophotography system. But I normally use this telescope for solar or moon imaging, as it is very easy to set up.  Continue reading Skywatcher ED80 – solar and bird imaging