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3 More Pokemon Go Babies

Having not posted on Pokemon Go for a while, suddenly I am getting a few more new Pokemon Go generation 2 babies hatching from eggs. This is great, as it means that I am nearly complete with my Pokedex for the Pokemon available in the UK. But it also means that Niantic need to get their act together and move forward the release of further Pokemon. Continue reading 3 More Pokemon Go Babies

Pokemon Go – my latest new Pokemon + Tip 2

Now that Pokemon Go has been out for over 3 months, interest in it may be waning with fewer people playing. But for those who continue to invest time into this game, there are still personal goals they are trying to achieve. One of these goals for me, is to complete the Pokedex by catching or hatching all the Pokemon on the list that are available. Recently with the Halloween candy bonus, it has been possible to get quite a few new Pokemon to complete that Pokedex. Continue reading Pokemon Go – my latest new Pokemon + Tip 2

Pokemon Go Section & some questions answered + Tip 1

Hi, as I have been enjoying Pokemon Go with my daughters, I thought there should be a section dedicated to this. Hence I have created a category for this where all posts about this can be seen together. Also, I thought I would take this opportunity to post about the new Pokemon I have managed to catch/hatch/evolve recently, as well as a tip I had noticed previously but not seen anyone post about. Continue reading Pokemon Go Section & some questions answered + Tip 1

Pokemon Go buddy

It has been over 2 months since Pokemon Go came out here in England. There have been some updates to the interface, and one of the most useful is that of a Pokemon Buddy, where you elect one Pokemon as your buddy to walk about with you. And depending on the buddy, walking a certain amount of distance will result in your buddy finding a Pokemon-specific candy. This can prove to be helpful particularly for the rarer Pokemon, to get more candy to power them up or even evolve them. Continue reading Pokemon Go buddy