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Closeup of wine cork

I enjoy shooting closeup images. But shooting closeup images normally presents the photographer with a few problems. At such close focus, the depth of field (i.e. portion of the subject in focus) is very shallow, which will require either very small apertures to increase the depth of field or photographing each section of the subject separately and then stacking them together in a dedicated focus stacking program (need very stable system).

I have been building a setup capable of doing this, and hence I thought I would try this with the wine cork. My preferred program for focus stacking is Helicon Focus, as Zerene stacker did not work well for me when I trailed it.

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Wine cork

I opened a bottle of Chateau Clerc Milon 2004 on Tuesday, to accompany the rib-eye steak we had for dinner. Now back in 2007, we made a trip to Bordeaux for our summer holiday. We drove to Dover, took the ferry bound for Calais, drove to Paris and spent a night there, before driving down to Bordeaux where we spent a further 3 nights.

During this trip, we bought a few bottles of wine to store for a later date. This wine was bought during that trip on 26th August 2007 for £17.79 and I had kept it in my wine fridge until now, waiting for the right opportunity to open and share with my wife. BTW, the current price for this wine is £58.00 on BBR (more than 3x what I had paid for it). Continue reading Wine cork

Chilli Sauce Kit

I received this kit for Christmas last year from a good friend. I have not had a chance to use this until now. But with my Ghost chilli ready for harvest, I now have a reason to use the jars from this kit. As the chilli is mainly for my wife’s consumption, I made it to her preferred recipe so will not have any need for the downloadable app which contains  many new recipes. Continue reading Chilli Sauce Kit

Beef rendang

Beef rendang is one of the spicy curry dishes from my youth that I still have fond memories of. I recall the time when I had the hottest beef rendang ever, which burnt my tongue and caused a lot of pain – I literally had to wash my tongue with running water from the tap to reduce the heat. But it was also the tastiest I had ever had – and the yard stick by which I have compared subsequent tastings.

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Ghost pepper – Bhut Jolokia

There are many different varieties of chilli out there. There are some chilli which are very mild, while others are extremely hot. I have some Bird’s eye chilli plants growing in my conservatory for the last 2 years. These are reasonably hot, but I wanted to grow some extremely hot chilli as well. Hence I bought the Bhut Jolokia (Ghost pepper) plant, which was at one point in time the hottest chilli in the world (in 2007). Continue reading Ghost pepper – Bhut Jolokia