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Heart nebula – Pixinsight processing

The next DSO that I worked on with Pixinsight was the Heart nebula. Previously I had only imaged this in H-alpha and O-III, but there was one session when I also managed to get some S-II subs as well. Hence it made sense to reprocess this with Pixinsight to see if I could extract even more out of the data. Continue reading Heart nebula – Pixinsight processing

Seagull nebula revisited – Pixinsight processing

Now that I’ve had the opportunity to do LRGB processing with Pixinsight, I have finally found enough courage to delve into narrowband processing with Pixinsight. Again there is much to learn in this new processing sequence, but as I’ve become fairly familiar with some of these processes, it is not as difficult as I imagined it would be. Continue reading Seagull nebula revisited – Pixinsight processing

Changes to my obsy

Now that I finally came round to the fact that my current telescope mount (Celestron CGEM) simply is not up to the task of handling my large and heavy Orion Optics VX12 Newtonian, I took this telescope off and replaced it with the much more manageable Astro-Tech 8″ Ritchey Chretien astrograph. Suddenly there looks to be more room to manoeuvre around in my Obsy. So on Wednesday (4/5/16) night I decided to drift alignment to improve on my Polar alignment using PHD2 guiding and its drift align tool. Continue reading Changes to my obsy

Flaming Star nebula IC405 + IC410 – narrowband

One of the objects I imaged a while back was the Flaming Star nebula, also known as IC405. I also managed to capture its neighbour IC410, all in narrowband (H-alpha, O-III and S-II). This image was processed with StarTools. Recently, my wife bought me Pixinsight for processing my astrophotos, and hence I will be reprocessing all my images with this, as soon as I relearn the workflow once more; it has been a while since I used Pixinsight with its free trial offer. Continue reading Flaming Star nebula IC405 + IC410 – narrowband

ZWO 60mm Guide scope

Recently I wanted to get a second guide scope to allow for dual imaging with my 2 setups (Celestron CGEM with either my 8″ Ritchey Chretien or 12″ Orion Newtonian telescopes in my obsy, and a wide-field setup on my iOptron ZEQ25). With clear skies being so rare in England, it was worth considering doing imaging with 2 systems to get as much data to work with on those nights when imaging is not possible. Hence I had to look for another smallish scope. I settled on the ZWO 60mm F4.6 scope which has a 280mm focal length. This should allow me to guide my longer focal length setup. Continue reading ZWO 60mm Guide scope