Canele – French pastry

One of the treats that we discovered and truly enjoyed on our trip to Bordeaux many years ago, were the Caneles. This is a very tasty French pastry which is a specialty of Bordeaux, which can be eaten at any time of the day, and goes well with red wine. Hence as we were going to the South of France, this was the one thing I looked for when shopping. Hence it was great that I found it in the Carrefour in both Dijon and Provence.

The mini Caneles are fairly small and came in packs of 12. The taste and smell of dark rum is fairly distinct, as this is one of the ingredients of the Caneles. The mini Caneles were slightly drier in the center than what we remembered from our trip to Bordeaux, although they were still enjoyable.

Box of mini Canales
Box of mini Caneles
Mini Canales
Mini Caneles

My wife did say that the mini Caneles were a little too dry for her liking, and suggested that I look for the larger sized ones. Hence I was pleased to find the larger Caneles on sale in Provence.

Canale from Bordeaux
Canele from Bordeaux

And she was right, as the center of the larger Caneles are much softer and more tasty and closer to what we remember of this pastry.

Large canale
Large canele

This French pastry is one which we enjoy. They also look like they would not be out of place when served in either Singapore or Malaysia, as it does not look dissimilar to some of the pastries served in both countries. We were pleased to be able to relive the enjoyment of this pastry during this latest trip to France.