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My Kirk Enterprise Low Pod

As I have recently set up a macro studio, I needed to have a stable support for the camera especially as I intend to do image stacking. I have tried various small tripods but found them not very sturdy. Then I managed to get the Kirk Low Pod on eBay. I am real pleased with it as it is very stable for indoor macro shooting.

I have not used it outdoors, but this is potentially where it may not fare as well (4-feet will not be as stable on an uneven surface), where a tripod will fare better.

The only real negative of the Low Pod is the high price (£139.99 in UK), but once you get over this, you will not regret it.


Weight: 425g

Size: 255 x 240 x 38mm

I use the Low Pod with a FLM Centerball 58 FT, which is as stable a setup as it gets.

Kirk Low Pod with FLM Centerball 58 FT
Kirk Low Pod with FLM Centerball 58 FT
My macro shooting setup
My macro shooting setup

If you shoot macro indoors and need a stable setup, then you can’t do better than the Kirk Low Pod; I would use my tripod for outdoors shooting, unless the ground is fairly level.


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