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My camera equipment (Sony A7R)

The Sony A7R is one of my favourite cameras currently.

What I like about it:

1) It is full-frame and has excellent IQ, especially for portraiture and landscapes.

2) It is not too large or heavy – just the right size

3) Great looks

4) 36 megapixels to work with, without having to invest in a medium format camera

5) Faster autofocus speed than previous generation E-mount cameras

What can be improved?

1) To change selection of autofocus points requires pressing the centre button to activate this function. There should be an inverse option so the buttons adjust focus points and pressing the centre button will activate the various set functions. Olympus have the option to set to one or the other on their cameras.

2) For accurate manual focusing, you will need to use focus magnify. Pressing any other button while this function is on will deactivate it. The only way around this, is to press the shutter button half-way first before activating the focus magnify; however this is not that easy to do. There should be an option to retain focus magnify even after other buttons are pressed. Again, Olympus has this feature in their cameras.

3) This feature is unlikely to be incorporated but it could have the 3 or 5-axis in-body image stabilisations (again available in the Olympus cameras – do you see a theme here?) Including this feature in their cameras could dethrone Canon and Nikon from the top of the camera leaderboard.

Here are some pics of my A7R.

Sony A7R + FE 24-70/4 OSS (excellent landscape  combo)


It also looks very nice together, like they were made for each other.


Sony A7R + 85/1.4 +LA-EA4 (great combination for portraits – I wish there was an E-mount FE Zeiss equivalent coming out soon)


Look at that lovely glass. Bokeh is excellent and it is SHARP!!! But I only use it F2 upwards, as there is significant lateral chromatic aberration at apertures larger than F2.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Sony A7R + Leica 50mm Summilux ASPH + Phigment LM-E-mount adapter (this adapter has electronic communication with the camera which allows for focus magnify to switch on when adjusting focus on the lens, which makes manual focusing so much easier).


I have the Hawkfactory LM-Nex helicoid adapter, as well as the Metabones LM-Nex adapter. They both fit well with no play, but my personal favourite is the Phigment Tech adapter (discontinued) due to the fact it can record lens Exif data, activates focus magnify, and allow for accurate TTL with Sony flash; I have not had any success with flash at large apertures with the other adapters as all I get are overexposed images.


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