Buttercup meets Stackshot

As the buttercups, part of the Ranunculus family are blooming again, it was time to look at this interesting flower using the various filters I have. Using the Stackshot macro rail, allows me to automate the whole process which means that shooting with more filters just got a whole lot easier.

Buttercup - visible
Buttercup – visible
Buttercup - UV (Baader U)
Buttercup – UV (Baader U)
Buttercup - UV (330WB60)
Buttercup – UV (330WB60)
Buttercup - UV (330AF20)
Buttercup – UV (330AF20)
Buttercup - IDS1
Buttercup – IDS1
Buttercup - IDS2e
Buttercup – IDS2e
Buttercup - UVIVF
Buttercup – UVIVF

There is a distinct difference between the Baader U and 330WB60 image, mainly due to the difference in white balance. BuI do like buttercups the most for what they look like in visible light.