Box Appetit Lunch Box

Recently, I had started using my Tenba Messenger bag as my work bag. Now one of the things I tend to bring along is a lunch box, as my wife packs my lunch for me each day. But I did not feel that the containers we had were truly leak-proof and hence I set out to look for better alternatives. I popped into TK-Maxx to see what they had available, as they do seem to have a wide range of products available. The one which caught my eye was the Box Appetit Lunch Box – they only had this in pink, but I’m not bothered by the colour, as long as it does its job. Price £9.95 (RRP £19.95).

What was appealing was the fact that it has many different compartments to store different foods, is microwave safe, supposedly leak-proof, is of the right size for me, and looks pretty good.

Box Appetit Lunch Box in Pink

From the instructions, you can see that it has three storage areas (2 which are removable – one for the sauce and the other for food you would like to keep separate from the main compartment); this gives you the option of separating the food which need microwaving from the food that does not. There is even a little round area on the inside of the lid for you to put the sauce in for dipping e.g. for sushi.

Comes with a fork and holder for this
Sauce pot and inner compartment and the main lid with a space to hold the sauce
Box Appetit lunch box holding curry

What I like about the Box Appetit Lunch Box?

  1. Looks very well made and BPA free.
  2. It has a sauce pot and inner compartment to separate the sauce and other food contents from the main compartment.
  3. It is leak-proof – the rubber seal is very sturdy.
  4. The included fork works both as a knife and fork.
  5. The lid can be used to hold the sauce for dipping food in. It also has a steam vent to allow the steam to escape.
  6. Even after many weeks of use holding curry and other foods, it has retained its white colour rather than become stained – very impressive.

What could be improved?

  1. The sauce pot and inner compartment are not entirely leak-proof, although this is only a problem if the liquid it contains is too watery.
  2. The sauce pot will not stay in the container by itself unless it is propped in place by the food in the main compartment.


I wanted a container which is entirely leak-proof, so my lunch does not stain the inside of my Tenba Messenger bag. The Box Appetit Lunch Box seems to do this well, as the ample rubber seal does its job properly. This lunch box is fairly expensive, but should last a very long time. As it is microwave and dishwasher safe, it means it will serve its purpose as a lunch box well. Not to mention it does look good. Definitely recommended.