Blue Eggs

Recently with the Easter period, eggs have featured alot in the supermarkets and television adverts, as eggs are supposed to symbolise new life. Now I am always on the lookout for interesting food items, and when I saw that there were Blue Eggs being sold in Aldi, my interest was instantly piqued. Hence I had to buy this for my family to try.

My interest in getting the eggs were threefold:

  1. Other than the colour of the shell, does the egg look different inside?
  2. Does it taste different, and if so, does it taste better than normal eggs?
  3. Would my family members like it?

Now when you first look at the box, it says that it has rich, creamy yolks and a deep flavour. The question is whether it would deliver that experience. At £1.49 for 6 eggs, it is not exactly expensive and worth a try just for the experience.

Blue eggs from Aldi

As you can see, the shell is bluish-white in colour and definitely stands out compared to the normal egg shell. But is the difference only on the surface?

Bluish-white outer shells of the eggs

Now on cracking the egg to fry, the egg yolk does look deeper yellow in colour than normal free range eggs.  Now my wife has been given organic free range eggs in the past which have an even deeper yellow yolk, and she says that she can definitely taste the difference – hence she was a little underwhelmed by the blue eggs.

But the big question is whether it actually tastes different? My wife says that the white definitely tastes softer, but otherwise could not taste much difference. My oldest daughter who had two of these eggs, liked them – but could not say that they tasted different to the normal eggs (we buy free range eggs as that is what my wife prefers) she eats.

The egg yolk is slightly more yellow than normal free range eggs

(Added: 23/4/17 – pictures of free-range egg vs Blue egg)

Normal free-range egg on left and Blue egg on right
Normal free-range egg on left and Blue egg on right

It does look that these eggs are what we can call posh eggs and a novelty. The taste difference at best is subtle. It was worth a try, but would not be on our shopping list on a regular basis.