Blackberries and Apples

This thread is not about mobile phones, but of freshly picked fruits. Over the weekend, while we were walking to our Village Hall, we passed by the village park. This was when we noted that there were blackberry bushes which were bearing ripe fruit ready for the picking. Needless to say, when we went home, we took two empty baskets and made our way back out to pick the blackberries.

Now I do have to say that we had a great time picking the blackberries. Despite the need to be careful with the thorny branches bearing the fruit, it was actually very therapeutic to pick the berries. My wife and youngest daughter love eating the blackberries, whereas my oldest daughter and I enjoy the picking process. Now the berries are smaller than those which are sold in supermarkets, but that also means that they are more flavoursome.

Ripe blackberries ready for picking
A ripe blackberry

There also happened to be an apple tree growing in our village park. As there were a few small apples dangling close to where we were picking the berries, we also picked a few apples – my wife and daughter actually like these. This is particularly amazing, since my wife normally does not like eating apples.

Small apples

Below are the baskets bearing the fruit which we managed to pick. My wife and daughter would eat a few blackberries every time they went into the kitchen – and before long, they had finished one of the baskets of blackberries. I also used some of the blackberries to make the smoothie for my wife to drink after our swimming session on Saturday – very healthy indeed and my wife liked it.

Basket of blackberries

My wife normally does not eat apples, so the fact she enjoys the free apples which we can pick from the tree in our village park is quite incredible.

Picked apples

It is great to see that there are free fruits available in our village ready to be picked and eaten. It is very therapeutic to go out and pick these, especially as we all enjoyed the process. And the end result is fresh healthy fruit ready to be eaten. Can’t ask for more than that, really.