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Birthday Feast – Page 2

Dish 8:

White cut chicken – traditionally served cold and to be eaten with a ginger and spring onion garnish. Absolutely delicious – even the next day.

White cut chicken
White cut chicken with ginger and spring onion garnish

Dish 9:

Roast duck – I managed to take a photo of the roast duck before it was chopped up. As you can see, it is nicely roasted with crispy skin. And it looks even nicer after it is professionally chopped up and served.

Roast duck
Roast duck – professionally chopped

Dish 10:

Mixed vegetables – we can’t have a meal without vegetables.

Mixed vegetables

Birthday cake:

The birthday cake was what I was looking forward to eating the most. The fruit-covered cake has a delicious mango-filling, and the cake is soft and moist – my kind of cake. Great.

Birthday cake
My slice of cake showing the central mango-filling

It was a great party and everyone had a wonderful time, including the birthday girl. My part in the party comprised of taking photos and making the Refresher Mocktail drink (Elderflower cordial, cranberry juice and lemonade) for everyone – and they all enjoyed it.


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