Birthday Feast

On Sunday after church, we had arranged with two other families to celebrate our dear friend’s birthday in our house. As can be expected, there were many plates of delectable delights on display. And as would be expected, I was there on hand to capture these with my camera.

In total there were 10 dishes served, prepared by 3 families for the celebration. We do have quite a few competent chefs within our midst.

Dish 1:

5-grain fried rice balls – comprised of wheat, barley, maize, rice and rye,mixed together and rolled into a ball, before shallow frying. A mixture of different tastes and textures all rolled into a ball. Very interesting dish – I liked it.

5 grains fried rice balls

Dish 2:

To add a dish with some spice, my wife cooked calamari rings in a seafood curry paste.

Calamari rings in seafood curry paste

Dish 3:

Another of my wife’s go-to dishes when cooking for guests is her grilled salmon fillet served in a bean paste sauce and garnished with spring onion and crispy fried slices of ginger. Definitely one of her more popular dishes.

Grilled Salmon in bean paste sauce

Dish 4:

Pan-fried prawns – for this dish, my wife added some ginger and garlic to infuse its flavour into the oil, before pan-frying the prawns until cooked.

Pan-fried prawns

Dish 5:

Fried king prawns – this is another dish my wife likes to cook for friends, is not very time-consuming but lovely to eat.

Fried king prawns

Dish 6:

Long-life noodles – a birthday party would not be complete without long-life noodles.The kids love it, and so do the adults.

Long-life noodles

Dish 7:

Roast pork – crispy skin and absolutely delicious.

Roast pork

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