Birthday dinner

Now as we had such a heavy and filling lunch on my birthday, it scuppered my wife’s plans to cook a birthday dinner feast. Hence she had to change her plans and cook the food over two nights instead. I was not complaining as it meant I could enjoy special food cooked by my wife over two nights.

Night 1:

Now as we were fairly full, my wife cooked a slightly lighter dinner for us the first night. There were still noodles to symbolise long life.

Stir-fry noodles

There were king prawns and squid cooked in two different ways.

King prawns
Tempura king prawns
Chilli and pepper squid
Salt and pepper squid

Now the cake she baked took a fair amount of effort, and was not entirely successful – but it tasted nice nonetheless. She had been given the recipe by her good friend, although the amount she had made was probably beyond what our equipment could cope with; next time we will try with half the amount of ingredients she used.

Japanese cotton cheesecake

To accompany the meal, we had a nice bottle of 15 year old vintage champagne from Laurent Perrier – nutty with honey, but still plenty of fizz. Lovely.

2002 Laurent Perrier champagne

Night 2:

For the second night’s dinner, my wife had bought some of my favourite seafood. These my wife had bought from the fishmongers in Botley, Oxford, and hence was very fresh. The raw oysters tasted great with a squeeze of lime; my wife has it with some chopped onion and garlic and a squeeze of lime.

Raw oysters

My daughters both love the spring rolls, and my oldest also likes vegetable samosas. Hence this had to be on the menu.

Vegetable spring rolls
Vegetable samosas

My wife bought lovely queen scallops for me – pan-fried with a little oil or butter, seasoned with a little salt and it was delicious. Definitely appreciated that.

Pan-fried Queen scallops with roe

To finish the meal, she had cooked noodles served with Canadian lobsters.

Canadian lobsters served with noodles

Thus ends my birthday celebrations for this year. Great food. Really enjoyed it.