Birthday dinner – Mamma Mia Summertown

In keeping with birthday season, we had the second birthday to celebrate – my wife’s. For this, we decided to book a table for our family at Mamma Mia in Summertown, Oxford. It was a good thing too, as people were getting turned away at the door as they did not have available tables.

My wife has dined there before and enjoys the atmosphere. But it is the great food that makes this Pizzeria so popular, especially on a Friday evening.

Mamma Mia in Summertown

You can even see the chef hard at work making the Pizzas for the customers in the kitchen through the see-through window. And they had to make many pizzas as there were many customers that day.

The chefs making Pizzas in the kitchen


Again we had a few starters to share amongst us. We ordered the Fried whitebait, crispy fried calamari and a plate of the antipasto misto to share. My daughters loved the calamari and the different types of ham in the antipasto dish.

Fried whitebait served with lemon & Caper mayonnaise and salad
Crispy fried calamari served with lemon & caper mayonnaise
Antipasto Misto – salami Napoli & Calabrese, Parma ham, Mozzarella & Pecorino Romano served with pickles and bread

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