Birthday dinner – Jamie’s Italian

For my oldest daughter’s birthday, we decided to celebrate by eating out for dinner. As she liked Jamie’s Italian, which first opened in Oxford in 2008, we decided to go there for the dinner meal.

Now I have to say that neither my youngest daughter nor I have eaten in Jamie’s Italian restaurant before, so it was our first taste of dining there. The first thought was that it was cosy and comfortable.

Jamie’s Italian

We were given a table near the front of the restaurant, right next to the big glass window. This gave usĀ an unrestricted view of the street, so it felt like we were dining right by the side of the road but protected from the noise, pollution, and the cold weather.

Jamie’s Italian

With fresh ingredients adorningĀ the restaurant and giving it much needed colour, it sure proved to be a pretty sight.

Lovely decorations


To start off the meal, we ordered some non-alcoholic cocktails. I ordered the Berry blast which has strawberry & passion fruit puree shaken up with lemon, sugar syrup & cranberry juice. It was both sweet and sour, and most refreshing.

Berry blast – strawberry & passion fruit puree shaken up with lemon, sugar syrup & cranberry juice

My oldest daughter ordered the Refresher which has elderflower cordial, fresh lemon and cranberry juice, topped with lemonade. Another concoction which is both sweet and sour.

Refresher – fresh lemon, elderflower cordial & cranberry juice,topped with lemonade

My wife ordered the Strawberry & Mint Lemonade, which has strawberry puree, fresh mint, lemon & soda. The mint dominated the taste, so not quite to my daughter’s liking.

Strawberry & mint lemonade – strawberry puree, fresh mint, lemon & soda


For starters, we ordered the San Daniele Prosciutto board which my daughter loves, the Margherita arancini which are crispy tomato risotto balls stuffed with mozzarella, served with tomato & basil sauce & garlic, and our favourite Crispy squid (we always love crispy squid) fried with chilli, garlic & parsley, and served with house aioli for dipping. The aioli and the crispy squid just went so well together.

San Daniele Prosciutto board
Margherita arancini – crispy tomato risotto balls, stuffed with mozzarella, served with tomato & basil sauce & garlic
Crispy squid with chilli, garlic & parsley, with house aioli for dipping

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