I have Bidens growing in my garden over the past few months. It has been the subject I’ve used for testing various filter stacks, which is why I was surprised that I had not posted on this flower up until now. These are all stacked images, and photographed indoors.

Bidens - visible
Bidens – visible
Bidens - UV
Bidens – UV
Bidens -IDS1
Bidens -IDS1
Bidens - IDS2e
Bidens – IDS2e
Bidens - UVIVF
Bidens – UVIVF
Bidens - UVIVF (macro)
Bidens – UVIVF (macro)


Equipment used: Olympus EM-5, Coastal Optics 60mm F4, Baader U filter, Baader UV-IR cut filter, IDS1 & 2 filters, Quantum X2D flash, Nightsearcher UV torches