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It’s official – I’m a collector of 35mm F3.5 lenses

I confess. I love collecting 35mm F3.5 lenses – I must have over 30 in my collection now. I mainly buy them to see if they are useful for UV-imaging. And if they are, then I add them onto my collection. Continue reading It’s official – I’m a collector of 35mm F3.5 lenses

Review: Filter changing adapters

I have tried quite a few filter changing adapters to mount various filters to some of my lenses. With 4 different filters (currently) to use when I shoot flowers, it is important to have a simple and effective method of changing filters. There are also photographers who use circular polarisers or neutral density filters regularly, who will find at least one of these adapters useful. Continue reading Review: Filter changing adapters

Nigella damascena – white

This is another flower grown in my garden this year. It is a white Nigella damascena (Love-in-a-mist, Ragged lady). It has a very distinct look in UVIVF, which gives it an ‘Alien’ look like it belongs in the movie ‘Avatar’. All are stacked images. Continue reading Nigella damascena – white