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A Pleasant Surprise

Recently when I went for my haircut at the beginning of the year, somehow the discussion with my barber drifted to the topic of wine. My barber told me that his father had bought a commemorative bottle of wine from Italia ’90, and over the Christmas 2017 they had decided to open that bottle to drink. Unfortunately the cork had dried up and the wine had oxidised into vinegar. But he had retained that interesting bottle at his shop as a souvenir of that event.

A few weeks after this, I was rummaging through the kitchen cupboards looking for something, when I stumbled across a small bottle of Bordeaux wine. As the provenance (where the wine came from, life cycle and storage conditions) was not ideal, I was skeptical but curious about what that wine would look like, how it would smell and taste. I told my wife that I would like to have a taste test of this with her, and she was definitely up for it. I moved it into the wine fridge for a few weeks, while we waited for the ideal time to do the taste test. Continue reading A Pleasant Surprise

Neewer AD200 Flash – UV Imaging

For Christmas this year, my wife bought me two presents – the lovely set of wine glasses I posted about a while back, and the Neewer AD200 flash. One of the features I was particularly keen to test out, is its ability as a light source for UV-imaging with its bare-bulb head. Hence this post, to demonstrate its capabilities for this. Continue reading Neewer AD200 Flash – UV Imaging

Zalto Universal Wine Glass

Since getting the Coravin wine dispensing system, we have been trying quite a few bottles of mature wine which were bought many years ago without fear of them going bad. But with the Riedel Magnum glass, I found that the aroma from some of the lesser wines was just not coming through, which made me question whether it was the right glass for our tastings.

And having watched the movie on Amazon Prime Video ‘A year in Burgundy‘, which documents a full year of life in Burgundy wine-making, I observed the shape of the wine glasses they used for their top wines was markedly different from my Riedel Magnum glass. After a little research, I came upon the Zalto Universal wine glass which is highly rated by wine experts and wine connoisseurs. And so for Christmas, my wife bought me 6 of these wine glasses (great for wine tasting with spares in case 1 or 2 get broken). Continue reading Zalto Universal Wine Glass

Merry Christmas

Here is wishing everyone a Merry Christmas filled with lots of good cheer, joy and laughter. Have a wonderful time. I shall have lots more to post, as there will be plenty of ‘toys’ to play with and review. Sadly we do not have a white Christmas this year, and our snowman Albert had completely melted about three days before Christmas. But we are filled with joy and feel God’s blessings for us as a family. I leave you with 3 photos to commemorate this festive occasion.

Wishing all a White and blessed Christmas

Saying goodbye to our snowman Albert.

Wishing goodbye to our snow man named Albert
Merry Christmas to one and all

God bless,