Apple iPhone 6 plus camera repair

About a few months ago, the camera of my iPhone 6 plus suddenly stopped working. It just would not try to focus. As I did not have an urgent need to use it, I ignored it for a little while. Then I read online about a batch of iPhone 6 plus cameras which were defective and would be replaced for free by Apple. After checking, it became clear that my phone was in the batch which had the defective camera and could be replaced free of charge.

The process of booking an appointment was not very straight forward, and I thought I would share what to do to get the appointment. My first port of call was to book for a service at the nearest Apple recognised repair store – the one in Oxford. I made a booking for this to be done online and made my way to that store. Turns out that I would have to leave my phone with them and that the repair would take 2 to 3 days (they send it away). I was advised at that point that only Apple stores would be able to do the repairs ‘on the spot’ so I would be able to get my phone back the same day. What a wasted trip and a waste of my time. Note: If you do not wish to lose the use of your phone for a few days, best to try the Apple Store rather than one of the other ‘authorised service centres’.

After a few attempts at booking the appointment online and then calling the Apple store in Reading directly, I was told the correct procedure which would get me an appointment for this service.

Steps to take:

  1. Go online to Apple Genius Bar 6 days before you would like the appointment at 9am (the appointment booking system will only have appointments up to 6 days ahead).
  2. When asked to send Apple your basic system information, choose ‘No thanks. Continue.’ option
  3. Choose ‘Take in for Service’ option.
  4. Key in location and your cellphone provider, then choose the Apple store you would like to take the iPhone to for service.
  5. Choose the appointment on the day you would like.

Just be aware that appointments are booked up very fast, so best chance is to go online as soon after 9am as possible. I booked my appointment for my day off mid morning, so I would not be pressed for time to pick the girls up after school.

Entrance to the Apple Store @ the Oracle, Reading
Entrance to the Apple Store @ the Oracle, Reading
Apple Store personnel and the many tables
Apple Store personnel and the many tables and customers

On the day of the appointment, I went to the Apple Store in Reading. After speaking to one of the personnel at the Apple Store, I was told to sit at one of the tables. Then I waited for the customer service person to come and talk to me. Once my iPhone was booked in, I was told it would take 1 1/2 hours for the replacement of the camera. So I walked about the Oracle Shopping Center Reading in the meantime. It took about 1hr 15 mins for the camera to be replaced, as I returned about 15 minutes earlier than when I was supposed to.

Genius Bar at the Apple Store
Genius Bar at the Apple Store
Tables to sit at while waiting for customer support
Tables to sit at while waiting for customer support

And now my iPhone camera is working again – yippee!!! In that long 1hr 15mins, I felt like something was missing – I did not have my phone, no access to emails or messages, I could not take a picture and send it to my wife if I found something interesting while window shopping, I could not listen to music, play any games or search on the internet about products I saw. Just goes to show how reliant on the phone that many of us have become.

Other Facts that I found out:

  1. The camera of the iPhone is not covered under the Apple warranty – similar to the iPhone battery, deemed to be due to wear and tear. Mine was due to a faulty batch and hence was replaced free.
  2. Even if your iPhone is from the affected batch, Apple will not replace it unless it is faulty. So don’t waste your time booking this just because your iPhone is from that batch if your camera works fine.
  3. To replace the iPhone camera will cost £45.
  4. Make sure you have backed up your iPhone before bringing it in, as they will ensure this is done before they carry out the repair (in case your data is affected).

Now that my phone is fixed, it feels great. After all, I would not have been able to take the above photos without it.