Affinity Photo for iPad

Recently Serif released the Affinity Photo App for iPad, and at a new release price of £19.99 (RRP £28.99). There were many great functions provided by this App, which were particularly appealing to me. Hence there was no hesitation in me spending that £20 to get this App.

When you first enter the Affinity Photo App, it brings you to the Desktop which has the photo files that have been opened with the App, as well as some features provided by Serif including samples to work with, interactive introduction to the App and Tutorial videos on how to use the various features in the App.

Affinity Desktop view

The features that I was particularly looking forward to is being able to edit the RAW files on the iPad Pro 12.9″ using my Apple Pencil. Sadly it looks like there are issues with certain RAW file formats currently, as I do not seem to be able to open the Sony .ARW or Olympus .ORF files from my cameras (Sony A6000, A7R, Olympus E-P5). Hopefully there will be a fix coming for this, as there are others experiencing similar issues. Being able to do HDR Merge with tone mapping is also a very useful feature, to produce images with a more dramatic result.

Features of note: RAW editing on iPad Pro, HDR merging with tone mapping

The other features I was particularly interested in, were the ability to automatically align images for panorama stitching, as well as ability to work with image stacks to produce various effects.

Features of note: Panorama stitching and Image Stacking

Another useful feature is the ability to merge images together for focus stacking, thus creating an image with much deeper depth-of-field than is normally possible. This is usually done using dedicated programs such as Helicon Focus or Zerene Stacker, each of which would cost significantly more than the price of this App. So this feature alone is worth the entry price of purchasing this App.

Features of note

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