Affinity Photo for iPad RAW editing

Since I was unable to access RAW editing with Affinity Photo for iPad through the iCloud drives, I started looking at whether it was possible to use my RAVPOWER Lightning USB Drive with SD card reader and its iPlugmate App to download RAW files from my SD card into Affinity Photo. And it looks like it does work – which means that I can now do photo RAW editing on my iPad Pro. Here is how I did it.

First off, I had to use the RAVPOWER Flash Drive/SD card reader which I had bought from

My RAVPOWER Flash Drive/SD Card reader

Step 1:

Insert SD card into RAVPOWER Lightning USB Flash Drive and SD card reader. Start iPlugmate App. Select the SD card to access the folder holding the RAW files.

iPlugmate App – select the SD card drive to access photos on the SD card

Step 2:

Use the Select function on the top right to choose the RAW file to import into Affinity Photo. It will only import one photo at a time, so there is no point choosing more than one file as it just makes the process take longer to complete.

Use the select function top right to select the RAW file for importing into Affinity Photo

Step 3:

Use the Share function at the bottom of the screen on the iPad to bring up the various choices.

Select the Share function

Step 4:

Select the Import with Photo as this will open the RAW file in Affinity photo.

Choose the Import with Photo to Affinity Photo

Step 5:

Once the RAW file is imported into Affinity Photo, it will open up the Develop persona to allow for editing of the RAW file. This needs to be developed before further photo editing can take place.

Sony A6000 RAW file editing in the Develop Persona

I do notice that there is no way to use a dropper to select a point as whitebalance reference in the photo when editing RAW files, which is a real shame. Also, the adjustments in shadow or highlight areas and the exposure adjustment is definitely not up to that of the Capture One Pro that I use for RAW file processing. But for fast on the go editing, it does do a reasonably good job.

I am much happier now that the Affinity Photo for iPad can do the RAW editing it is touted to do, although getting the file to open is not quite as straightforward as it is supposed to do. But being able to import RAW files straight from the SD card into Affinity Photo is great.