Activity Tracker watch issues – Fitbit Surge + Withings Steel HR

My wife has had her Fitbit surge for over 1 year now, whereas I have had my Withings Steel HR since April this year. But it seems that both of us have run into a little problem with our activity tracker watches. I thought it would be worth posting about these issues here.My wife first noticed that the edge of the band which is just next to the watch face had started to come away. The first thought was that it just needed to be glued back. But she did not do anything about it for the next month or two.

The plastic edge of the watch band coming away

But now that the actual band has come apart on one end of the watch, there is no choice but to contact Fitbit to get a replacement watch. This was a relatively straightforward process, by contacting them through the App Support page and answering the emails they send you. And now there is a replacement Fitbit Surge on its way to my wife (but will take 5-7 days). Clearly this is a well known fault.

The entire band coming apart

My issue with the Withings Steel HR is one which comes and goes. I have found on occasions that there has been a bit of fogging inside the watch face particularly when the body is warm and it comes into contact with cold air or water which has splashed onto its face. It goes away after a little while, but is starting to get a little annoying.

Condensation on the inside of the Withings Steel HR watch face

I have taken a second photo, as I intend to send these to Withings customer support to get this issue rectified. Apparently there is advice about sending a photo of the watch with this issue of water condensation to them, so as to proceed with the support request.

Another view of the condensation within the watch face

So it goes to show that while these activity trackers can be great for what they can do, users do run into problems with these at times which need customer support and faulty rectifying. I will keep you posted about the customer support I get from Withings (now owned by Nokia).