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35mm F3.5 lens shootout Conclusion

Summary of results:

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 17.04.04


All the lenses do similarly well, at least as good as or perhaps better than my copy of Novoflex Noflexar 35mm F3.5 for overall transmission of UV with Baader U. The results with the narrower bandwidth filter 330AF20, shows significantly better transmission (at least twice the transmission) of the other lenses compared to my reference the Novoflex Noflexar 35mm F3.5 lens. In fact, it was extremely difficult to see the image clearly enough to adjust focus with the Noflexar, but relatively easy with the other lenses.

I had shared the Prinzgalaxy vs Kuribayashi vs Petri results with some friends, and it then became clear that the reason the Prinzgalaxy (and hence the Photax) let through more UV light, is because their aperture is actually larger than the other lenses at all aperture settings.


All the above 35mm F3.5 lenses perform well for UV, and would be a great lens to have in the bag of UV-imaging enthusiasts. I know there have been Kuribayashi/Petri/Acall lenses being sold for over £100 since it became known about its UV-imaging capabilities. So get the other lenses while the prices are low.

Happy UV-imaging.


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